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MyFCM is a secure online portal system that provides a convenient and safe way to send and receive files, view documents, set custom alerts and access online banking.


FCM customers will need:

  • Entity or name your loans are under with matching customer (CIF) number
  • Birthday
  • Social security number or TIN number
  • A term loan number with balance
    Mixing an incorrect CIF, name and/or loans will lock out your enrollment.
  • Current email address that can be accessed while enrolling — each MyFCM account must have a unique email address.
    Enrollment and first log in must be done on a computer. If you would like to use mobile banking, you can download the FCM App on your smartphone after enrollment and first log in on a computer.

After you have the above information:

  • Click on the ENROLL TODAY button.
Download PDF Guide


Select Individual or Business in the enrollment dialog box displayed.

  • If Individual is selected, enter first name, last name and email address, then click Submit.
  • If Business is selected, enter business/entity name and email address, then click Submit.
    Clicking Cancel will exit the enrollment screen without saving information.
  • A message will display confirming the enrollment request. Once the message is read, select Close.

An email is now sent to the email address provided during enrollment with a unique link to continue the enrollment process.

The link will expire in 48 hours. If an enrollment link expires, an error will display explaining the issue and the enrollment process will have to be started again from the beginning.

  • Wait for email to resume enrollment.
  • Click on link in email to continue.

The email link redirects to MyFCM log in screen with an enrollment pop up window.

  • Enter a username of your choice.
    See information icons for stated criteria.
  • Enter a password of your choice.
    See information icons for stated criteria.
  • Click Next to continue enrollment


Security questions are to ensure your user log in is safeguarded. As a MyFCM user you are asked a random question when you first log into MyFCM and every time you log in from a different device.

  • Select 3 challenge questions and enter the corresponding answers.
    All 3 answers are required. Each question and answer must be unique.
  • Click Next to continue enrollment.


Selecting your security phrase and image is the final step of enrollment. These additional security measures will be displayed each time you log in to ensure you are logging into MyFCM and not being “phished” for your username and password.

  • When the security phrase and image screen populates, enter a security phrase and select a security picture. By default, one of the images will already be selected.
  • Click Next to continue enrollment.

A message will display confirming enrollment.

  • Once the message Is read, select Close.

A link will display that routes to the MyFCM homepage to log in which will complete the enrollment process.

An email is also sent to the email address you provided to confirm account setup.


After successfully enrolling in MyFCM, a first login is needed using a computer.

Click on Log into MyFCM.

  • Enter the username you created during enrollment, then select Log In.
  • Answer a security question and click Submit.
    A security question displays upon initial login or when logging in from a devise not logged in with previously.
  • The security phrase, image and password fields will appear.
  • Verify the security phrase and image match which you selected during enrollment.
  • Enter password and click Submit.

In order to be granted access to MyFCM, you must accept the Terms of Service.

  • When the Terms of Service screen appears, read and scroll through the terms, then Accept or Decline and click Submit.
    If Decline is selected, a dialog box displays, confirming the decline of services.
  • After accepting the Terms of Service, the system logs into MyFCM and redirects to the Find Me page.


For a CUSTOMER enrolling, you will need to know the following information regarding your account in order to connect to your contact record:

  • Customer (CIF) number.
  • Birthday
  • SSN or TIN number
  • Loan balance on a term loan
    All information will need to match the individual or entity selected at the beginning of enrolling process.
  • Click Yes in the box asking if you are a current FCM customer.
  • Confirm either individual SSN or entity by TIN.
    Subfield will populate on the Find Me screen based on identity type.
  • Enter information requested: SSN/TIN and customer (CIF) number.
  • Confirm account information by selecting LOAN from the dropdown menu on the Account Verification Screen.
  • Enter a term loan number and principal balance and click Submit.

For a NON-CUSTOMER enrollment, select No at the popup asking if you have a passphrase or are a current customer.

Once Find Me is completed, access is granted to MyFCM and services are now available for that particular account.

  • If you have additional entities needing to be added to your MyFCM, please contact your branch office.

If at any point you need assistance, please click on the Need Help button.


If username is forgotten, click on Forgot Username link located on the enter username page.

  • Enter email address and click Submit.
  • A security question will populate at this point for verification.
  • An email will be sent to the email you entered during enrollment.

If password is forgotten, click on Forgot Password link located on the enter username or password page.

  • Enter username and click Submit.
  • A security question will populate at this point for verification.
  • An email will be sent to the email you entered during enrollment.
  • Enter the temporary password for this email and then enter a new password and confirm password, then click Submit.
  • User will receive an email their password has been updated.
You may contact your local FCM Branch, Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. to set up a funds transfer.


For a MyFCM primary user to add a sub user such as a CPA, attorney, etc., you must log into MyFCM, navigate to the administration tab and click on Add New tab and complete the information requested and assign sub user permissions.

Sub user account name must start with the @symbol.

  • Email your branch loan officer and/or CSR the sub user account ID, name and email address to verify the sub user.

Need Assistance? Please email [email protected] or contact your FCMidsouth branch.

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