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Farm Credit Midsouth

Patronage Program

At Farm Credit Midsouth, you are more than just a borrower; you’re a member of a cooperative, which is a business owned and controlled by the people it serves, meaning farmers and ranchers in Northeast Arkansas and Southeast Missouri. Most businesses share profits with their investors, so since our members are owners/investors, they receive a portion of our earnings as determined by the Board of Directors.

All eligible borrowers who have loans and/or leases that have contributed to the association’s net income are eligible for the program. Patronage refunds are determined by the amount of net interest income earned on each eligible borrower/owner during the previous year. 

Patronage payments are considered taxable income. IRS Form 1099-PATR is sent to all recipients each January in the year following the actual patronage payment.

Patronage Year Amount Distributed
2005 $3,790,000
2006 $3,550,000
2007 $4,685,000
2008 $4,000,000
2009 $4,100,000
2010 $4,100,000
2011 $4,200,000
2012 $4,200,000
2013 $4,200,000
2014 $4,200,000
2015 $4,200,000
2016 $4,200,000
2017 $5,400,000
2018 $6,500,000
2019 $6,599,521
Total $67,924,521