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Farm Credit Midsouth


Marconi & Brewer Complete Ag Lending School

Benji Marconi and Brandon Brewer of Farm Credit Midsouth were two of 32 agricultural lenders who attended the University of Missouri Agricultural Lending School held June 3-7 in Columbia. Marconi and Brewer are loan officers in the Marion and Corning branches, respectively.

Founded in 2000, the Agricultural Lending School has successfully trained more than 250 ag lenders from Arkansas, Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, New York, North Dakota, Oklahoma and Tennessee.

The Importance of Working Capital

You may ask yourself, “Why is working capital so important?” The answer is “protection against adversity,” and with the heightened volatility pricing in commodities and input costs, having liquidity available is more important than ever. We’ve all heard the statement that "Cash is King." Working capital embodies this statement by giving you the staying power to weather adversity. Without working capital you may need to sell fewer liquid assets to meet obligations and create liquidity.

Diversity has proven to be valuable in 2012!

Diversity is defined as, “the state or quality of being different or varied.” 2012 has shown our farmers just how important it is to be diverse. The ability to grow different crops has provided a number of options in planting, rotating, irrigating or marketing. The days of solely being a one-crop farmer are long gone. Our farmers’ abilities to be diverse in their production will continue to be a major factor in their long term viability.

Diversity has been the key to risk management. Diversity has brought new ideas and opportunities.