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Farm Credit Midsouth

Diversity has proven to be valuable in 2012!

Diversity is defined as, “the state or quality of being different or varied.” 2012 has shown our farmers just how important it is to be diverse. The ability to grow different crops has provided a number of options in planting, rotating, irrigating or marketing. The days of solely being a one-crop farmer are long gone. Our farmers’ abilities to be diverse in their production will continue to be a major factor in their long term viability.

Diversity has been the key to risk management. Diversity has brought new ideas and opportunities.

Farm Credit Midsouth is blessed to be in the middle of a territory of diversity. Our geographic area, water resources, topography and climate provide us with a great ability to produce a wide variety of crops and livestock. Our farmers’ ingenuity, work ethic and cooperation provide an environment where if you sincerely possess or desire to be a farmer, you can be one. Our young, beginners and small farmers are incorporating new technology, new practices and new marketing techniques into a historically strong production area. Our urban areas have overwhelmingly supported our farmers’ markets and provided opportunities for our farmers not only to sell their products, but to also share the story of agriculture.

Farm Credit Midsouth has always been, and will continue to be, committed to the diversity of our territory. Whether you grow or are involved in rice, cotton, soybeans, corn, milo, wheat, sweet potatoes, peanuts, hay, sod, tomatoes, watermelons, catfish, cattle or honey bees; whether your operation is thousands of acres or one; no matter your race, sex or religion, since 1916

Farm Credit Midsouth has proudly served the credit needs of all segments of our territory with a basis for credit.

James McJunkins
President & CEO